Just a couple weeks ago, Black Tide released 'Post Mortem,' their sophomore effort. The band, still on Interscope Records, spent the last four years on the road, gaining a fan base and growing up. Now seasoned road warriors, the members of Black Tide have some concrete ideas of where they want to take that band creatively. In short, they want to explore every avenue possible.

"I'm happy that everyone sees the bigger picture and sees us for what we are and not necessarily trying to push us into something we're not," Black Tide drummer Steven Spence tells Noisecreep. "Personally I'm horrible with genres... If you play me a band, I wouldn't be able to nail or categorize any band. One thing I don't want to do is categorize us because that would limit us. If we want to write a metal song, then we write a metal song because that is how we feel. If we want to write a rock tune, then we write a rock tune. I'm a firm believer in being creative and never closing doors."

That idea of being creative flowed in the years since the 2008 debut 'Light From Above.' Spence admits that the members of Black Tide are avid songwriters, always creating music whenever possible. This meant the band had 50 songs at the pre-production point of creating what would eventually become 'Post Mortem.' Those songs were eventually narrowed down to the 10 that are available today.

Watch 'That Fire' from Black Tide

"I feel like its important to stay fresh and do singles," says Spence. "I love being in the studio, being creative. I would personally love to continue to release songs on a monthly or bi-annually basis. We are always writing. As musicians, if we weren't [writing], we would be dying inside because we love getting things out. If we could capture that [emotion] and release to our fans and friends, I think it is worth it."

Black Tide are currently on the Rockstar Energy Uproar Tour, headlined by Avenged Sevenfold. That tour runs through October 14.

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