Killer Lyrics: Speak what you mean / Don't hold it back / The lies eat you away / The truth is killing you

Betrayal vocalist Brendan Foley went through what most young men in bands do: making the difficult choice of pursuing education or committing to a life of music. In fact, he found inspiration in this process, admitting, "I got the idea for 'Without a Doubt' while I was going to school last year with all the negative feedback I got from other students, teachers and friends about dropping out of school to pursue Betrayal full-time."

Luckily for fans of brutal metallic hardcore, Foley chose to throw all his eggs into the Southern California band's basket. And Foley found an outlet to speak of the struggles he faced with his decision.

"I just got sick of hearing everyone's opinion on the best way to live my own life as if it were their own," Foley explained. "This song is basically about coming to terms with yourself as a person and realizing you're the only one who should be making choices for yourself."

"With that being said, as a band we will all play the music we love for as long as we can without a doubt in our minds about it."

Betrayal is currently on a U.S. tour with It Prevails and the World We Knew.

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