With well over a dozen albums in their catalog, there are lots of quotable and tattoo-worthy Black Sabbath lyrics. There are innumerable repeatable and relatable phrases. So for our list of the 10 Best Black Sabbath Lyrics, we picked our personal favorites. Don't worry, you can sound off about your preferred Sabbathian declarations when we're done.

We've grabbed what we think are some of the most meaningful, provocative, evocative and thoughtful phrasings in the canon. While it might be tempting to think that the darkest lyrics would garner most attention, there's a lot of hope and some depressing statements in these songs. Without further pause, check out our 10 Best Black Sabbath Lyrics.

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    From: 'Vol. 4' (1972)

    'Supernaut' is a bleak, dark statement about what's going on in the narrator/protagonist's mind. It's a simple set of words, but collectively, they have us thinking and further creating a story in our heads, along with pulling from the rest of the lyrics.

    "Got no religion / Don't need no friends / Got all I want / And I don't need to pretend / Don't try to reach me / 'Cause I'd tear up your mind / I've seen the future / And I've left it behind."

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    'Wicked World'

    From: 'Black Sabbath' (1996 reissue)

    Sabbath make quite a philosophical ponderance with 'Wicked World' that really reminds us that man's advancement and evolution is not without consequences. Think a little deeper and they're essentially saying that we should be our brother's keepers, which is a biblical notion.

    "They can put a man on the moon quite easy / While people here on earth are dying of old diseases."

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    'Wheels of Confusion'

    From: 'Vol. 4' (1972)

    'Wheels of Confusion' could be one of Sabbath's saddest sets of lyrics. It's about the loss of an innocence you can't reclaim and no matter what you do, we all end up in the same place. Life goes on and that which you leave behind can govern your legacy. How do you want to be remembered?

    "Long ago I wandered through my mind / In the land of fairy tales and stories / Lost in happiness I knew no fears / Innocence and love was all I knew / It was an illusion."

    "Try your hardest / You'll still be a loser / And the world will still be turning / When you're gone."

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    'The Mob Rules'

    From: 'Mob Rules' (1981)

    Ronnie James Dio was a fine wordsmith, and in the overall Sabbath catalog, this fiery statement from 'The Mob Rules' blazed a hole in our hearts and our minds. He issues a very stern warning that begs to be turned into a tattoo where flames lick the script.

    "Kill the spirit and you'll be blinded / The end is always the same / Play with fire / You burn your fingers / And lose your hold of the flame."

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    'Symptom of the Universe'

    From: 'Sabotage' (1975)

    'Symptom of the Universe' houses some of the best Black Sabbath lyrics since this song is where the band gets super creative and almost sci-fi like in its phrasing. The imagery is as vivid as it gets and deserving of a spot in our 10 Best Black Sabbath Lyrics.

    "Mother Goose is calling me back to her silver womb / Father of creation takes me from my stolen tomb / Seventh night the unicorn is waiting in the skies / A symptom of the universe, a love that never dies."

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    'Black Sabbath'

    From 'Black Sabbath' (1970)

    The imagery of Satan coming around that corner in 'Black Sabbath' is vivid and terrifying. This lyric really is an exercise in simple apocalyptics and it's what made Sabbath seem so damn dark.

    "Is it the end, my friend? / Satan's coming 'round the bend / People running 'cause they're scared / The people better go and beware."

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    'Into the Void'

    From: 'Master of Reality' (1971)

    This passage from 'Into the Void' is one of the 10 Best Black Sabbath Lyrics for a very simple reason. It starts out grim and ends on a note of hope. A home where love and peace reign? Sign us up! So much for thinking Black Sabbath only hang out on the dark side of life.

    "Leave the earth to Satan and his slaves / Leave them to their future in their grave / Make a home where love is there to stay / Peace and happiness in every day."

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    'Under the Sun' / 'Every Day Comes and Goes'

    From: 'Vol. 4' (1972)

    Do what you want. Carpe Diem. Sieze the day. Sure, Ozzy Osbourne sounds like a greeting card on 'Under the Sun...', but in a much deeper and darker way. It's also the notion of Anton LeVay's brand Satanism, which isn't about sacrificing virgins or drinking vats of animal blood, but rather about living as you wish and putting yourself first.

    "So believe what I tell you / It's the only way your finding me in / Well just believe in yourself, you know you really shouldn't have to pretend / Don't let those sensitive people try an interfere with your mind / Just live your life and leave them all behind..."

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    'Iron Man'

    From: 'Paranoid' (1970)

    Simply put -- 'Iron Man' takes matters into his own hands, like so many of us wish that we could. For him, though, he has no other choice because no one will see what he sees. It's a familiar frustration. It's an iconic Sabbath song, one that resonates and is beloved by fans. Doesn't it sound like a scenario from every day life?

    "Nobody wants him / They just turn their heads / Nobody helps him / Now he has his revenge."

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    From: 'Paranoid' (1970)

    Ozzy sums it up so succinctly in 'Paranoid.' The mind can be a dangerous place, especially when not properly cared for or considered. It's the best Black Sabbath lyric because it's so universally applicable and more rooted in reality than we'd like to think. Sometimes we just need to open our eyes and see what's in front of our faces.

    "Finished with my woman 'cause she couldn't help me with my mind / People think I'm insane because I am frowning all the time / All day long I think of things but nothing seems to satisfy / Think I'll lose my mind if I don't find something to pacify."

    "I need someone to show me the things in life / That I can't find / I can't see the things that make true happiness / I must be blind."


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