Anthony Raneri and his bandmates are so proud to be from Queens, NY that they named their band after one of the neighborhoods in their hometown.

The New York neighborhood factored heavily into the band's formative years. "The best memories I have are hanging out in parks and skateboarding," Raneri recently told Noisecreep. "What I love about Queens is that it's the mix of the suburbs and the city. That's what people who live in Queens love about Queens: great parks, places to hang. It's like a suburb, and I had a very tight-knit situation. But at the same time, there was a music scene, and there were clubs in Bayside for punk and hardcore bands. [Manhattan] was just a 20-minute train ride away and we had that, coupled with the wholesomeness of the suburbs."

Raneri also has several New York and Queens-related tattoos, including a "giant 'Queens' across my stomach," according to the singer. Surprisingly, he also has a Yankees tattoo, even though the team is based in the Bronx. Queens' own Mets seem to get no love from Raneri. What gives?

"No, I am not a Mets fan, [even though] I live four miles from Shea Stadium and what is now Citi Field," Raneri said. "I can't be bothered. My dad grew up in the Bronx, and even though I was born and raised in Queens, he wouldn't allow me to be a Mets fan!" Raneri's football fandom is less complicated. Even though both the New York Jets and New York Giants play in New Jersey, Raneri roots for both. "I am a fan of [the Jets and Giants], but it's not like baseball for me," Raneri said. "That's my main sport. I am a diehard Yankees fan and I hate everyone else. With football, I like the Jets and the Giants, and will watch whoever is on."

Raneri is a also big fan of another Queens staple -- Eddie Murphy's immigration classic 'Coming to America.' "I love it!" said Raneri. "I made my girlfriend watch it. I've seen it 200 times, I made her watch it two nights ago. When we are on tour, I watch it on the bus every other day." The singer even considered purchasing Mr. McDowell's house in Jamaica Estates, which is featured prominently in the film. "I went and looked at it," Raneri said. "My band convinced me to look, since I would see Mr. McDowell's house. It's since been modernized."

Bayside's latest, 'Killing Time' is available now via new label Wind Up. "It's been 11 years that we've been a band and I am stoked to still be doing it," the singer said. "We still get bigger with every record. Each one sells more and every tour is more successful than the last. We are living a fantasy! This is our life now! We're in a professional, successful rock band and it's starting to feel real."

Bayside will headline the Take Action Tour next month, and plan to debut new material while on the road. "I am nervous, anxious," Raneri said. "That[s what] makes for a good show -- when you don't know what's going to happen."