The yellow and black attack sure know how to unify! After having the first retired video in Battle Royale Video Countdown history with 'No More Hell to Pay,' Stryper could be on their way to a second Hall of Fame clip with 'Sympathy.' This week the fans voted the video to the No. 1 spot on the Battle Royale Video Countdown for the fourth straight week.

However, the gap is tightening a little bit as HIM's 'Into the Night' earned 23 percent of the vote to Stryper's 30 percent, which kept it lodged in second place. Former No. 1, Tom Keifer's 'Solid Ground,' is holding strong at No. 3, though Bullet for My Valentine's 'Raising Hell' may soon overtake it. 'Raising Hell' placed fourth, with Volbeat earning the biggest debut of the week at No. 5 with 'Lonesome Rider.'

Volbeat was actually one of three debuts on the countdown this week, with Sister's 'Sick' claiming the No. 8 spot and Chimaira's 'Wrapped in Violence' sliding in at No. 10. Who will crack the Top 10 next week? New videos from Korn, The Answer, I Am Heresy, Lionfight and Suicide Silence with Austin Carlile enter the voting process.

Videos for all of the songs that can be voted on can be seen by clicking on the title in the Battle Royale poll at the upper right of this page (or at the bottom of the post for those voting on mobile devices). You can vote up to once per hour and the voting for the new Battle Royale runs through Friday, Feb. 21 at 11AM ET. So get to voting!

  • 10

    'Wrapped in Violence'

  • 9

    'Fight the Silence'

    For Today
  • 8


  • 7

    'Drugs & Alcohol'

  • 6

    'Battle Born'

    Five Finger Death Punch
  • 5

    'Lonesome Rider'

  • 4

    'Raising Hell'

    Bullet for My Valentine
  • 3

    'Solid Ground'

    Tom Keifer
  • 2

    'Into the Night'

  • 1