The Lindsey Stirling/Lzzy Hale video for 'Shatter Me' continues to rack up some impressive numbers, taking the Battle Royale Video Countdown top spot for the sixth consecutive week. But Andy Black's 'They Don't Need to Understand' has stepped up to close the gap somewhat, taking the No. 2 spot for the second week in a row.

Elsewhere on the countdown, there were three debuts on the chart this week. Mushroomhead's 'QWERTY' debuted all the way up at No. 3, while Seether's 'Words as Weapons' took the No. 5 spot, bookending Tom Keifer's long-running 'The Flower Song' video at No. 4. The third debut is For All Those Sleeping's 'Incomplete Me' at No. 10. Also of note, The Virginmarys, who have hovered near the bottom of the Top 10 the last few weeks, are now at No. 6, knocking on the door to the Top 5. See all of the Top 10 rock and metal videos below.

With three new debuts in the Top 10, who will follow them into the countdown next week? We've got seven new clips entering the voting, led by The Pretty Reckless' 'Messed Up World' and harder videos from Alestorm ('Drink'), Arch Enemy ('No More Regrets'), The Devil Wears Prada ('Sailor's Prayer'), DragonForce ('The Game'), Every Time I Die ('Decayin' With the Boys') and Madball ('Born Strong').

You can see each of those clips, along with every video available for voting, by clicking on the title in the Battle Royale poll at the upper right of this post (or at the bottom of the post for those using mobile devices). You can vote up to once per hour through the Battle Royale deadline of Friday, June 27 at 11:00AM ET. So get on it and ensure your favorite clip makes the Top 10.

  • 10

    'Incomplete Me'

    For All Those Sleeping
  • 9

    'My Demons'

  • 8

    'Tell Me'

  • 7

    'Dance With the Devil'

    Black Water Rising
  • 6

    'Just a Ride'

    The Virginmarys
  • 5

    'Words as Weapons'

  • 4

    'The Flower Song'

    Tom Keifer
  • 3


  • 2

    'They Don't Need to Understand'

    Andy Black
  • 1

    'Shatter Me'

    Lindsey Stirling featuring Lzzy Hale