Congrats are in order for Lzzy Hale and Lindsey Stirling, as their video for 'Shatter Me' has completed its tenth straight week at No. 1 on the Battle Royale Video Countdown. As such, the clip becomes the third video to achieve such a feat and will enter the Noisecreep Battle Royale Hall of Fame.

Elsewhere on the countdown, Black Label Society's 'Angel of Mercy' had the highest debut of the week, arriving at No. 2 and putting itself in prime position to inherit the top spot next week. The other debut on the countdown was Avenged Sevenfold's 'This Means War' at No. 10. After Hale/Stirling and Black Label Society, Tom Keifer held strong at No. 3 with 'The Flower Song,' followed by Islander's 'Coconut Dracula' and coldrain's 'Aware and Awake.'

With 'Shatter Me' retiring, it's wide open for a new No. 1 and new videos from Hellyeah ('Moth'), Trivium ('Through Blood and Dirt and Bone'), Aborted ('The Extirpation Agenda'), Chelsea Grin ('Clockwork') and John Garcia ('My Mind') are entering the voting fray. You can see each of those videos, along with every clip available for voting, by clicking on the title in the Battle Royale poll at the upper right of this post (or at the bottom of the post for those using mobile devices). And remember, you can vote up to once per hour through the Battle Royale deadline of Friday, July 25 at 11AM ET. Vote now, vote often!

  • 10

    'This Means War'

    Avenged Sevenfold
  • 9

    'Dance With the Devil'

    Black Water Rising
  • 8

    'Just a Ride'

    The Virginmarys
  • 7

    'They Don't Need to Understand'

    Andy Black
  • 6

    'Words as Weapons'

  • 5

    'Aware and Awake'

  • 4

    'Coconut Dracula'

  • 3

    'The Flower Song'

    Tom Keifer
  • 2

    'Angel of Mercy'

    Black Label Society
  • 1

    'Shatter Me'

    Lindsey Stirling featuring Lzzy Hale