Eulogy Records Bands Discuss Winter Tour, Wearing Each Other’s Shirts
The U.S. Eulogy Records Tour, featuring Donnybrook, Creatures, Rhinoceros and Knock 'Em Dead will commence in January of next year, with Living Hell, xTyrantx and Shattered Realm appearing on select dates. So in preparation for the trek, several of the bands on the bill spoke to Noisecreep about which of their labelmates they want to see most, if there will be some sort of friendly, onstage compet
Cam Pipes and Shane Clark of 3 Inches of Blood Interview — ”Creep Show’
Although we didn't schedule 3 Inches of Blood on ''Creep Show' with the expectation that they would be especially relevant to the week's news, the powers that be made their appearance as timely as today's headlines. During the show, vocalist Cam Pipes and guitarist Shane Clark made some of their most heartfelt and poignant comments to date about the recent death of former bassist Brian Redman, who
Baroness, Skeletonwitch, Dead By Sunrise, Living Hell, The Destro — New Releases
In a second astounding week for music this past week many big names in metal took the cake this past week on the charts. With some notable debuts compiled by the Metal Insider team, the long time act Alice in Chains came in with a 5 debut on the charts , the most brutal toons in Metalocalypse's Dethklok came in with a recorded 45,000 sold in its first week, and the self -titled release for Hatebre
New Metal And Rock Releases — October 2009
Any remnants of summer have come to pass as fall is in the air and the cold sets in. Nevertheless, the metal still forges on. This month, tons of new releases are coming in from familiar favorites such as Lita Ford, Powerman 5000 and Pearl Jam...