Bam MargerMost see Bam Margera as a suburban daredevil from 'Jackass,' but Margera is also a director beyond just capturing stunts on film. He's done some films -- they're on DVD -- but he's also done a good share of music videos for bands like Clutch, HIM and Turbonegro. Currently he's finishing up the new 69 Eyes video and gave us a little insight into it.

The video is for the song 'Dead N' Gone' from 69 Eyes tour de gothic album 'Back in Blood.' And the first video from the 2009 album was also directed by Margera. The idea for this video came more about wanting a specific backdrop to the story already created in the song.

"69 Eyes said the first date they were doing on tour was in San Francisco, and they had a day and a half free, and they wanted to shoot the video there and get all the cool scenery there, like the Golden Gate Bridge and all that. But have a story with a guy and a girl behind it," Margera told Noisecreep.

'Dead N' Gone' holds the tale of a tragic couple whose own relationship is poison to each other. "Benji Madden from Good Charlotte actually sings the hook. I'm actually the main person in it playing the character with this girl," says Margera. "It's kind of like a Sid and Nancy kind of deal, where we kind of end up going down in flames with booze, drugs and partying." Madden will be in the video as well.

"They asked me to be the guy, so I said, 'If we're going there, I know a girl I just met who's a really petty model, and I know I could work well with her.' Everything worked out good."

69 Eyes have had a very good year here in states having their newest album debut at number 14 on the U.S. top new artist albums chart, though the Finnish band have been doing the glam that they do since 1992. In a statement on the band's website vocalist Jyrki 69 stated, "This is the coolest video we're ever done," about the 'Dead 'N Gone' video.

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