Avid Babymetal fans may have quite a bit of music to seek out this holiday season, as the group is getting ready to issue a "best of" 10 Babymetal Years set revisiting their first decade, but offering 10 different editions of that collection.

Each of the 10 editions will include a standard CD version of the album, but there will also be 9 other versions that come with a bonus piece. One of the sets includes a Blu-Ray disc featuring music videos for 16 songs. One set contains 10 artwork pieces reflecting on 10 years of Su-Metal and Moametal's journey. Each of the art pieces are analog-sized covers that can be displayed according to the purchaser's preference.

A fourth limited edition version contains a poster and a Blu-Ray disc featuring "10 legend movies." The movies will be chosen by fan vote, displaying what the fans "feel best represents what Babymetal is all about." Each chosen 10 songs will be compiled with past live footage from different performances.

There will also be a "Katura Battle Set," containing battle cards (with 42 images), a battle CD and also a battle field. There's also a "Chronicle Set" in the works that has two Blu-ray discs, a photo book and a big flag. The Blu-ray discs include interviews with Su-Metal and Moametal reflecting on the past decade as well as live footage of 10 songs featured on the CD. The flag features a 10-year emblem design.

Finally, there will be special Su-Metal, Moametal and Kobametal curated versions, with each musician personally selecting their 10 best songs. These versions will not be made widely available, but fans who purchase one of the other editions will find a "prophet card" included with a serial number on it indicating Su-Metal, Moametal or Kobametal. Fans are then invited to guess the 10 songs and order that make up their chosen member's disc and correct answers will be given the special releases.

The tenth edition, the X version, will not be released in conjunction with the other variations. This release is something "only the Fox God knows," meaning that the final piece details are still under wraps.

So, in the interim, look for all of the other nine editions of 10 Babymetal Years to be available on Dec. 23. Watch a trailer below and to further investigate all the editions, check here.

The news of Babymetal's hits collection comes just as the band just released a new video for "BxMxCx." Check out the clip below.

Babymetal, "BxMxCx"

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