Ouch! Axl Rose has been left with a serious bruise – and no, we're not talking about the Guns N' Roses' singer's ego, either- after a trip to Russia.

The singer tweeted a shot of a massive bruise on the back of his pale leg on May 16, writing: "Can u say HemaToma?!!"

We're not medical doctors, and we can't diagnose, but a hematoma occurs when blood pools outside of the blood vessels and under the skin. That's a pretty accurate description of this bruise and what it looks like. Know what else it looks like? Incredibly painful, that's what.

Rose is notoriously private, so the fact that he shared the shot is surprising in and of itself.

Britain's The Sun reports that Rose was partying in Russia after playing gigs in Moscow on Friday, May 11 and Saturday, May 12 and that the singer "needed attention for a nasty leg injury after a suspected fall."

The bruise covers a huge chunk of real estate on Rose's leg. It pretty much spans the length of his thigh. Again, we can't say it enough. Ouch!

Hope it heals soon, Axl.

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