Legendary progressive death metallers Atheist make their comeback with their fourth album, 'Jupiter.' The cover -- reminiscent of their past album covers which feature strong circular elements -- was done by Eliran Kantor, who we featured at the beginning of the year for his work on Sigh's new album.

"[Vocalist and guitarist] Kelly Shaefer sent me the lyrics to 'Second to Sun'," Kantor told Noisecreep, "and it reminded me of this image I had in my head for quite a while, of the [reccurring] theme in most religions and mythologies of the two fighting brothers -- Jupiter is the grandfather of Romulus and Remus, founders of Rome. Romulus kills Remus, just like Cain and Abel in the Bible or the sons of Adam in the Qur'an, portrayed in the cover as two lions fighting in the womb."

"The lyrics reminded me [of] the basic connection between all major religions, and how each took the folklore of sun worshiping and modified it, giving birth to generation of one brother killing another," Kantor continued. "I've branded one lion with the astronomical sign of Jupiter which is shaped like a '4,' hinting at this being Atheist's fourth record."

Atheist are currently planning a world tour to support 'Jupiter.'

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