Are you an aspiring remixer who would love to have your musical handiwork featured on a national release by one of the metalcore scene's pre-eminent bands? Well, As I Lay Dying wants to provide you with the chance to do both. The San Diego band is inviting fans to remix the song 'Upside Down Kingdom' from their latest album 'The Powerless Rise.' The song stems are available here.

Grab the stems and start remixing. Submit your completed remix here and then wait while the band personally chooses which remix is their favorite. The winning entry will be featured on an upcoming release that the band will issue later this year. More details on that particular release will be announced shortly.

But don't waste anymore time. The deadline is August 19th, so get a hold of the 'Upside Down Kingdom' song stems, start to re-envision the song with the goal of the rest of the world hearing your work and get to remixing.

May the best remixer win.