The may be a Christian metal/hardcore band, but Hendersonville, Tenn. quintet As Hell Retreats seem to have as many issues with organized religion as your average black metal band, as they emphatically express on their first full-length album, 'Revival,' which comes out May 25 on Strike First Records.

"If we're supposed to be one nation under God, why are we denying the blind? Why are we denying the sick? My God, we are not under you. We are the disease ... American Christianity is a disease," screams vocalist Jackson Greene in 'Contradiction.'

As Hell Retreats are motivated by the hypocrisy, greed and corruption they see swimming around them, and since they formed in 2005, they've had plenty of rancid food for angry thought. They self-released four five-song demos and played numerous shows before landing a deal with the Facedown subsidiary. 'Revival,' features nine songs, including 'The Holy Thief,' 'Poor God,' 'Contradiction' and the title track.

The band will play a record release party May 29 at Rocketown in Nashville before launching a full U.S. tour.