Armana Reign

"All five of us have vastly different influences that help make up the sound that we have come to," Amarna Reign drummer Josh told Noisecreep of his Indianapolis-based band, which is currently unsigned while courting some label offers. "To make things easy, when asked what our main influence is, we usually just throw out Swedish metal or the Gothenburg sound, because it gives a quick and easy understanding. Our music really is influenced by American bands that were influenced by Swedish metal. We have much more Killswitch Engage and Acacia Strain in us then we do In Flames or Dark Tranquility."

The Swedish sound certainly means something when you mention it to metalheads. It made us question what country or destination will take Sweden's place in the new decade, since the '00s were dominated by Sweden's sphere of influence. Josh was quick to point out that Amarna Reign aren't going to be paying too much attention to any trends, popular conventions of gimmicks as they develop their sound and their career, though. He said, "One thing we are absolutely not influenced by is gimmicks. Music should be passionate and honest. Watching the 'band of the month' get huge and then fade out quickly because another gimmick is funnier has been an ongoing trend we've all noticed."

Could he be referring to crunkcore bands that have become the laughingstock of the metal scene? Perhaps one can infer that, since the drummer didn't call out any bands in particular, but he certainly speaks the truth about the gimmicks that were popularized in the scene, especially in 2009. He continued, "We make music we hope means something to the people who take the time to listen to it. We aren't the band trying to make anyone laugh or think we are cool. We are the band trying to get you to headbang ... in your car during traffic."

Forget texting while driving. You wanna get pulled over in a totally cool way? Then just Crank Amarna Reign's music while on the open road. All that headbanging should get the cops' attention.

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