Arcadea continue their quest to bring the future into the present as they've release another new track, a cosmic rocker called "Infinite End," online for fans to hear.

Arcadea are the new collective featuring Mastodon's Brann Dailor on drums, assisted by Zruda's Core Atoms on guitar and keyboards and Withered's Raheem Amlani on synth. Their trippy self-titled album is described as music envisioning "a future 5 billion years from now, where the impending collision of galaxies creates a new order of planets. Where cold, distant moons pledge alliance to new suns and expanding gas giants implode into black holes. Ancient drones, forever adrift, record toxic tales of love between dying stars. Where lifeforms in suspended animation, dream among the ice rings of Saturn and cosmic war wages among gods and planets. It is in this universe that Arcadea reign supreme as the last surviving space wizards since the final extinction."

And now that they've got your attention with that description, check out the latest musical gem from this futuristic world. "Infinite End" features a bit of psychedelic synth work trading the spotlight with Dailor's drumming, serving as the musical backdrop to a saga about being on the edge of disaster in space and time and finding refuge while coming to terms with the surroundings of a new planet.

"Infinite End" can be found on Arcadea's self-titled debut disc, which is currently available for pre-order with a number of add-on options via the band's website. You can also pre-order copies at Amazon, iTunes, GooglePlay and Bandcamp ahead of the June 16 street date on Relapse Records. A track listing for the album has now surfaced and can be seen below. It features "Infinite End" along with the previously released "Gas Giant."

Arcadea, Arcadea Track Listing

1. Army of Electrons
2. Gas Giant
3. Rings of Saturn
4. Neptune Moons
5. Infinite End
6. Electromagnetic
7. Motion of Planets
8. The Pull of Invisible Strings
9. Through the Eye of Pisces
10. Worlds Can Go On
11. Magnificent Facade

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