Mastodon dabble back and forth between hard rock and metal, so they can easily appeal to quite a large audience. But which of their songs is the best to introduce someone to their sound? Drummer Brann Dailor gave his opinion on that during a new interview with Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez.

"That's kinda tough because I need to know the person's... there's circumstances involved here — what are you into?" Dailor contemplated. "If they say Deicide, then I'm gonna say 'March of the Fire Ants.' If they say they're into the Backstreet Boys, I'd say, 'Show Yourself.' If they say they're into Metallica, I'd say almost any of our songs. Maybe listen to 'Eyes of Serpents' or something off of [Hushed and Grim] or 'Tear Drinker.'"

Dailor built upon that last statement and asserted that "Tear Drinker," which is also from their 2021 album Hushed and Grim, would be a good starting point for anyone who's looking to get into them, especially fans of hard rock.

"I think that's a good song, for me personally. I think it's catchy and it's got enough interesting musical moments that happen. I think it's an emotionally-driven song," he continued, then added that "More Than I Could Chew" would probably be a better option for metal fans.

Yesterday (Aug. 24), Loudwire gave Mastodon fans an exclusive first look at their new documentary The Making of Hushed and Grim in full. It premieres worldwide today, but you can check it out in the meantime on this page.

Mastodon are hitting the road with Ghost and Spiritbox starting tomorrow in San Diego, Calif. Dailor recalled sensing that Ghost would become a massive band when they first toured together with Opeth a few years back.

"It's an amazing show, they got awesome songs, it's heavy, it's catchy and kind of poppy. A lot of people can get into it, it brings everybody to the yard," the drummer praised.

Get tickets to the tour here.

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