The late-career revival surrounding Canadian metal stalwarts Anvil continues. The band is working on a new album, which they've titled 'Juggernaut of Justice.' Anvil are recording the album at Dave Grohl's studio, too. Drummer Robb Reiner threw out some big words when describing the new platter, saying, "It's going to be the best album we've ever done. We've invented a new genre; we've invented metal-jazz."

Metal-jazz? While we've seen various incarnations of jazz-flecked metal, we at Noisecreep are certainly intrigued to hear Anvil's take on metal-jazz. It will no doubt be interesting, to say the very least. Expect to be leveled by the 'Juggernaut of Justice' sometime next spring. It follows up last year's re-released 'This Is Thirteen.'

Enjoy some of Anvil's antics by going back and watching the ''Creep Show' episode featuring the delightful Reiner (and his chest hair) and vocalist/guitarist Steve "Lips" Kudlow.