Because people need this information to sleep at night -- his words, not ours -- Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian has confirmed that Shadows Fall axe Jon Donais is the new guitarist in the band, replacing the departed Rob Caggiano, who bolted to take the same post in Volbeat earlier this year.

Donais had been drafted into Anthrax on a fill-in bassist several months ago and in Ian's mind, it's a permanent thing. An announcement is just a formality at this point.

While doing a radio interview with the Metal Hammer Magazine Show (as heard below), Ian was asked about Donais' role and he responded in turn, saying, "Jon‘s been with us since February, and I think I can safely say he’s passed the audition. I know we haven’t said anything official yet, but in my mind, he’s the guy."

He furthered, "I’m sure some type of official announcement ... Because you know, in this world, people apparently need that kind of information so they can sleep well at night ... But as far as I’m concerned, Jon is the guitar player in Anthrax." That's a great thing for all involved.

The interview is posted below. The Donais discussion comes at around a minute and 40 seconds in.

Listen to Scott Ian Confirm Jon Donais as Anthrax's Guitarist