Anthrax have settled in court with former frontman Dan Nelson, who sued the group following his departure in 2009. The singer had been seeking $2.65 million, and while details of the agreement have not been made public, it seems unlikely that drummer Charlie Benante, bassist Frank Bello and awesomely bearded guitarist Scott Ian forked over anywhere near that much cash.

According to the New York Daily News, Brian Caplan, a lawyer for the pioneering thrash band, told a judge his clients had offered Nelson a "fairly small dollar amount," as well as co-writing credit on 11 songs from the 2011 album Worship Music."

Nelson joined the group in 2007, and at the time of his dismissal less than two years later, he was said to be suffering a serious illness. He issued a statement in July 2009 refuting those claims and paving the way for the subsequent lawsuit.

"I was never seriously ill or sick at all, as reported in Anthrax's 7/17/09 press release," he said, according to Metal Underground. "This extremely inflammatory statement hurt me tremendously. This statement misled fans, friends and family members into believing that I was seriously ill when I was not."

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