Thrash pioneers Annihilator hail from Canada, but the band hasn't played a show on Canadian or American soil since -- get this -- 1993! It's been nearly 20 years since Annihilator thrashed and slashed their way through their native continent.

"I left Roadrunner in 1993, after the groove metal era was ushered in. But in Europe and Japan, I had a huge record with 'King of the Kill' in 1994," guitarist Jeff Waters told Noisecreep. "The band died in North America but got big overseas. We've had ups and downs, but we put out a record every year and a half, and we keep playing to 500 or 30,000 people, depending on where we are. But we haven't played a show in the U.S. and Canada since 1993."

Waters isn't too bummed about the shunning the band receives in his native land, and he insists he will go where he is wanted. "I got married and had a kid and became a single father when he was a baby," he admitted. "She left and I was a long-haired heavy metal dad. It was myself and my son, and I made a decision that since the band does well in Europe and Asia, but not at home, screw it. I will go where I am wanted with the band and do it part time, with six months on, six months off."

Annihilator, who've never succumbed to the groove-metal trend, have digitally released their 13th album, a self-titled affair, in the States. They've also released 'Live at Masters of Rock,' a live DVD that captures the band on stage, where it roars like a beast.

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