San Francisco deathcore outfit Animosity have split up, according to a statement provided to Lambgoat. In it, frontman Leo Miller thanks fans for their support, and says that "if you haven't gotten enough of Animosity, please rest assured that we have."

The band, which first took shape in 2000, released its debut album, 'Shut It Down,' in 2003, when the members of the band were just 16 and 17 years old. Then, in 2005, Animosity crossed paths with Red Chord frontman Guy Kozowyk, who signed them to his Metal Blade imprint, Black Market Activities. The band released 'Empires' that same year, and two years later, issued their third and final album, 'Animal,' which was produced by Converge's Kurt Ballou.

According to Miller, it's been nearly a year since all five members of the band were in the same room, let alone the same state. "In this time, we have written zero songs and played zero shows," the statement reads. "In short, nothing happened, which I mean to say plainly and clearly. We are all still alive and friends, but following our last tour we just did nothing band-related.

"Many of us grew up in this band, and for me personally, Animosity was somehow prioritized over everything including my very own life," the statement continues. "This band formed our communities, relationships, experiences and the lens through which we view the world. Eight years later, I look back to being 14 years old playing shows in garages and backyards, and I can honestly say that our musical and experiential goals have been exceeded in ways that once seemed impossible to me."

Miller has since moved the to East Coast, where he's apparently studying the environment. But the rest of Animosity's members plan to continue with music. Drummer Navene Koperweis has a solo project called Fleshrot that features vocals from Job For a Cowboy's Jonny Davy. Guitarist Chase Fraser is now in a band called Son of Arelius and bassist Evan Brewer and guitarist Frank Costa are also involved in different things.

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