What's that you say? You mean you haven't watched this week's ''Creep Show' podcast yet? Well, you should. Once again, the Noisecreep gang hit the AOL studios last week, as we do every week, for yet another episode of 'Creep Show,' with special guest Frost from Satyricon. Dude had a lot to say ... a lot to say. And as usual, we discussed all the week's hot metal topics, the week's big metal releases, and then grilled Frost on black and roll, being the AC/DC of black metal, and why they won't be touring much next year. It was pretty rad, and we think you'll agree. Anyways, today's White Noise has it all: video links, album streams, tour dates and urine. That's right, urine.

+ Kiss fans are the most devoted. They're also the most vile. According to reports, police working the band's concert at the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston on Oct.5 responded to a nearby disturbance. When police arrived, security officials handed them a suspect they'd been detaining. Apparently, a female fan was at the Kiss show when she felt something warm on the back of her leg. She turned to look at what was causing it, and found a guy peeing on her leg. The man was escorted from the gig, and, as you probably guessed by now, was extremely intoxicated when he decided to drop trough. The man was charged with open and gross lewdness and disorderly conduct. This is the second time this arena has been the site of such a complaint. Back in April, when Metallica where playing there, a man peed on a couple, and was arrested for his actions.

+ According to reports, Kiss' new album, 'Sonic Boom,' is expected to sell between 150,000 and 175,000 copies in the United States during its first week of release. If they pull it off, the band will finally score that long-elusive #1 debut they've been chasing.

+ If you like Linkin Park, then you're probably going to want to hear the new Dead by Sunrise album. The debut studio set from Chester Bennington's side-project is now streaming in its entirety over on the group's MySpace page. The album hits stores Oct. 13.

+ Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee says she's working on the band's next opus day and night, and "I'm in love with it. Enough to fight for it. Enough to reopen the door to a world of chaos even though it scares me." The music, she says, is "not what you would expect. It's definitely not happy married music, but it's not like I'm dying the whole time either. It's dark, sarcastic, fun, strange, familiar and very different at the same time. It makes me feel alive and I wish I could show you right now. If you were here, at my house, I would pour you a drink and we would turn it up really loud and rock out to it, and I know you would love it."

+ Slayer will host a listening party for their new disc, 'World Painted Blood,' on Oct. 30 at Duff's Brooklyn in Williamsburg, New York, starting at 9 PM ET. Come buy us a brewski.

+ American Me, Molotov Solution, Upon a Burning Body and We Are the End will be hitting the road together later this month for a three-week trek that kicks off in Poplar Bluff, Mo., on Oct. 30 and runs through Nov. 19 in Palmdale, Calif.

+ Just check out this video of Devin Townsend recording vocals for the track 'Supercrush,' one of our favorite songs on 'Addiction.' That, plus our exclusive stream of the album's title track, and you should be getting excited for the album's Nov. 17 release.

+ This is an interesting video. Seems a rough edit of Mastodon's 'Oblivion' video got out, and it gives fans something of an insider look into all the work that went into finishing the clip.

+ According to the PRP, Coheed and Cambria have inked a deal with Roadrunner Records and are planning to release an album through the label in April.

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