English anarcho crust punks Amebix, who were initially active from 1978 through 1976 and who were resurrected in 2008, are releasing 'Redux,' a 12-inch vinyl record with three classics and a live track through Profane Existence, since what's old is new again. "I think we welcome the opportunity to put something 'real' out again," vocalist Rob Miller told Noisecreep. "A 12-inch vinyl release is almost a link to Amebix back when vinyl was the only medium besides tape. Strange how it comes around again. The three tracks were originally put together to see how it could have sounded, as an epitaph really, but we worked so well together that we had to keep on opening things up."

The band, which was known for making music "20 years too early for popular consumption, yet remaining a dietary requirement for any fan of the genre," now features Stone Sour drummer Roy Mayorga, also late of Soulfly, among its ranks. Amebix partnered up with Mayorga in what is now the old-fashioned way: through the Internet.

Miller had been in touch with Alicia from the band 13 through MySpace, and she raved about Mayorga's talents and the fact that he loved Amebix. "I took a look at his site and saw that he was also a producer, a film music writer and a multi-talented musician," Miller recalled. When the band was assembling the 'Risen' DVD and decided to tentatively try to record again, things got complicated, since original drummer Spider had developed tinnitus, making Miller and co. think "this would never happen."

Alicia eventually gave Roy's digits to Miller, and the rest is Amebix-tory. "[It was] a phone call and me asking in an embarrassed way if he might possibly consider helping us nail down the coffin lid with these tracks. 'In a heartbeat' was Roy's response!"

They met up in Ireland, did a session, expecting it to result in DVD tracks but chemistry intervened. "We all got on so well together that we just had to tempt fate and keep opening the doors," Miller said. "Two U.S. and Canadian tours and trips to Europe later, we are very glad to have done this journey again."

The band has five tracks recorded for an album and they are writing new material from each member's respective location, waiting for the chance to head back to the studio to complete it. "There is obviously a fair amount of trepidation at the prospect of trying to produce another LP after all this time," Rob said. "But it's really taking shape. The material is definitely Amebix. It is a bit more abstract thematically than previous work ... it's definitely going to be an album for listening to, not a one track download kind of thing." That's because the nature of the music is so dense: There is a lot going on, "and a gradual build up of atmosphere as it progresses," said Miller.

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