Alice in Chains continue the trend of super cool, extensive lyric videos in the metal world as of late. While the lyric video format is just another piece of content with visuals that serves as a means to learn lyrics and to listen to a song, AiC's lyric video for 'Voices' will grab your attention and hold onto it.

First and foremost, the song is a moody, gloomy, typically Alice in Chains rocker. That's enough to capture your ears. As for your eyes? Well, the images of a hoodie-clad gentleman, whose face we never see, except for flashes of static, is both a focal point and integral to the clip.

But he's just one of many. There are several hooded figures, both male and female, wearing all sorts of concealing hoodies throughout the video. All of their faces, emotion and eyes are obscured.

This lyric video also suggests that everything is not quite what it seems and what you assume in the place of information and facts is a reflection on you.