Alice in Chains are back with a new video for 'Phantom Limb,' which finds them re-teaming with director Roboshobo. On top of that, they're offering up the video via a BitTorrent bundle that can be found here.

This haunting short film (watch above) follows on the heels of 'Hollow,' 'Stone' and 'Voices,' which were also helmed by the same director, thus keeping up the consistency. In the video, we're shown an older man who awakens confused to find his screen door open, his TV screen blank and a young man knocking at the door. What follows is a confrontation between the two men that ends badly for the older man, but as we later see, it's not so great for the intruder either.

As for the BitTorrent bundle, it includes the video, plus a look at the video art treatment, a shot list for the clip and exclusive access to new Alice in Chains merchandise.

'Phantom Limb' is featured on Alice in Chains' 'The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here' album, which is currently available at both Amazon and iTunes.

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