"I'm an all-out Detroit promoter. I'm the guy that goes out there and goes, 'Go Lions,'" says Alice Cooper, unable to keep an entirely straight face.

A Detroit native who is no stranger to the Motor City limelight, Cooper would like to go on record saying that he owes his entire career to the city of Detroit.

"When we were doing this, we were pretty much hated. I mean the only place that really accepted us was Detroit. It was us, Iggy and The Stooges, The MC5, Ted Nugent. We played every week at Eastown, the Grande, and it was the only place where people made us feel like we fit in because we were a Detroit type of rock and roll band, and I'm from Detroit. So from there, we kind of blossomed out into the rest of the world. But it was Detroit that really kept us going."

Cooper, an avid sports fan who often spends a good six days out on the golf green, was proud to see some positive Detroit press during the Super Bowl. "I love that Eminem [auto] ad -- 'Imported from Detroit.'"

With the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction just weeks away and the upcoming reunion with his original band, Cooper says he plans to pop into some small clubs to play some surprise shows. When asked if Detroit will be included in the itinerary, he replied, "Oh yeah. That's where we started, so that's where we really gotta end up."

Alice Cooper - 'No More, Mr. Nice Guy'

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