Kane Roberts, who was a longtime guitarist playing with Alice Cooper, in addition to having worked with KISS guitarist/vocalist Paul Stanley and Rod Stewart over the years, has admitted to steroid use.

The axeman, known for his guns and his buff bod, confessed to Metal Sludge that he has juiced up in the past.

While he first joked that he ate an extra piece of salmon every day to maintain his physique, he came clean, saying, "No, yeah, I did that, but there were no side effects." It sounds like he didn't suffer from roid rage or a shrunken penis, which are said to be the physical downsides of taking steroids.

Roberts, born Robert William Athas, shared his opinion on illicit substances, saying, "I think you can abuse any drug, even if you take too many aspirin, but recreational drugs are a different deal. I don't want to get on a soapbox, but if you do drugs, you're life will go nowhere. You'll just be standing still. That's really true. You need to keep your brain firing on all pistons. But with steroids, there are some benefits to it, so I took 'em."

Hey, at least he's honest!

He further shared that he adopted an "everything in moderation" approach when ingesting body enhancing drugs. "Still, sometimes I would walk into Gold's gym, and some of the women would be three times bigger than the men, and that used to blow my mind," he admitted. It'd blow our minds, too, but that's a whole other story.

He finished, "I wouldn't go crazy on steroids. I would do 'em, then do nine months clean on the road. But yeah, I definitely dabbled. Good or bad, the side effects, it makes you feel a little different, but I don't think there was any damage."

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