Faced with no more Mr. Johnson -- as in departing guitarist Damon Johnson -- Alice Cooper has tapped Orianthi to join his "No More Mr. Nice Guy" tour.

Orianthi got the job because of her ace playing -- she's rocked with everyone from Carrie Underwood and Michael Jackson to Steve Vai -- but as Cooper points out, she's easy on the eyes, too.

"It's very difficult to find someone to match the talents of Damon Johnson," Cooper said, according to Blabbermouth.net, "but not only did we find someone who is more than up to the challenge...she also looks WAY better."

The guitar goddess said she's "super excited" to perform with the pioneering shock rocker, who's midway through a tour that hits 90 cities on five continents, but she stopped short of complimenting his looks.

"It's a huge honor to be able to get on stage and jam with an icon," she said.

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