Ahoy, mateys! The drunken swashbucklers in Alestorm have set sail once again, this time setting their sights on Mexico for some outrageous partying in the music video for, you guessed it, "Mexico!"

These pirate metal fiends are always down for a party, going South of the Border for some festive relaxation. "When the quest is over and the battle's won / There's a land far to the south where we go to have some fun / The wenches they are plenty, the alcohol is free / The party lasts all through the night and the alcohol is free," frontman Christopher Bowes exclaims in the opening lines with his rapscallion accent.

"Mexico" is another fun-loving song from these plunderers of the high seas, driven by a romping rhythm and sing-song keyboard melodies that take on the role of an accordion. "Oh wow! It's Cinco de Mayo, so let's celebrate with a song dedicated to our favorite country in the world - MEXICO! Like most of our music, this song is about drinking, pirates, and explosions. And don't worry, it's not a real donkey, it's just Bobo and Elliot in a donkey costume," the band said as a collective.

Pre-orders for Alestorm's new record, No Grave But the Sea, (out May 26) can be placed at the Napalm Records webstore. Take in the live experience of an Alestorm show this summer as the band is featured on the 2017 Warped Tour with a host of other metal-related acts. All upcoming tour dates can be found at our 2017 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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