If you're a fan of atmospheric blackened folk metal with doom nuances and post-rock / post-metal soundscapes, you're in luck! Agalloch's highly anticipated fifth studio album, 'The Serpent & the Sphere' is now available for streaming in full!

From humble beginnings in Portland, Ore., Agalloch formed in 1995. Almost 20 years later, the experimental act is one of underground metal's most respected bands. If one album can be credited with accelerating Agalloch's cult following, it would be 2002's 'The Mantle.' The album is still held in the highest esteem and is talked about in a near-legendary fashion by metalheads worldwide.

Since 'The Mantle,' Agalloch released 'Ashes Against the Grain' in 2006 and 'Marrow of the Spirit' in 2010, along with a bunch of demos, EPs and splits. Now, the Oregon act returns with 'The Serpent & the Sphere,' which will hit stores on May 13. Though fans will have to wait a few more days to own the record, those who want to bask in new Agalloch material can visit NPR to hear the new album right now!

Find yourself a comfortable spot, because 'The Serpent & the Sphere' will glue you to whatever you happen to be sitting in. To hear the album in full, click here.

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