Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler isn't just planning to work on his solo project in the next few months. The singer is also prepping to have his knee replaced this fall.

"My knee is giving out," the frontman told Rolling Stone. "I had ACL reconstructions, and in November, I'm getting knee replacement surgery." At age 65, Tyler has enacted a lot of wear and tear on his body as the singer of one of the most prolific and hard-partying bands in rock.

The surgery will require a several month recovery period, removing Tyler from active duty for a period of three-to-four months. But knee surgeries are old hat for the vocalist, who said, "I've had so many operations on my knees and feet that just to be standing is a miracle. But to turn around and do one of my spins where I don't fall, that's the s---! But hey, all these years have taken their toll on me."

Even though his body may be breaking down, Tyler won't be ushered into early retirement. He's still got plenty of miles to put on his personal rock odometer. Hell, he's even ready to fire up a spaceship for his lunar aspirations.

"As long as I can sing, I'm up there," says Tyler. "I know [guitarist] Joe [Perry] wants to keep going. Remember, when one guy goes, it's not the original band. But as long as Joe and I wanna keep going ... Look, we just love to play. Without a doubt, when they colonize the moon, we'll be up there as a lounge act."

Busted knees be damned!