Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith may be "The Toxic Twins," but the two sure are prolific, even on their own. With guitarist Perry working on his memoir, Tyler is freed up to do other stuff, like work on a solo album. But it's not because he is left unsatisfied by his work in Aerosmith, mind you. It's because he wants to take a risk and do other, unexpected stuff.

"Joe has done, like, four solo albums," Tyler pointed out in a chat with Rolling Stone. "I never have, though with lyrics and arrangements and so forth, a lot of Aerosmith albums are just fine for me. It's cathartic."

Tyler did have a good time with his decidedly poppy solo track '(It) Feels So Good,' which he wrote with Marti Frederiksen and released in 2011. He enjoyed the process so much that he wants to further explore it, albeit with more electronic stylings. "I've got this itch in me to do a solo record, and that's what I'm gonna do next," the singer said.

It sounds like Tyler is laying the groundwork already, saying, "I've got some great people that want to get involved in it. It's early on right now, but that's the itch I got. I got that itch to do something that's a lot different than Aerosmith. Aerosmith's never been better, but we did that album [2012's 'Music From Another Dimension']! This last album was an Aerosmith all-for-one-and-one-for-all. But my heart is in stuff like that weirder, off-the-cuff stuff that I'm not sure Aerosmith would like."

So rather than try and foist that sound onto his main band, the frontman wants to channel it elsewhere. "I'm into electronica –- I was when I used to listen to Stockhausen in '65," the singer said. "So there's just a lot of stuff -- good, weird f---ing music that I want to get off my chest. The band will be playing, and we're going to China and Singapore. It's gonna open up a whole new world for Aerosmith. So Aerosmith will always be around, but I got this itch and I know how to scratch it."

Tyler admitted he digs EDM acts like Skrillex and lunched with Deadmau5, and that he plans to start the process in January. "I really want to take a little risk here and do something solo," he said.

As for Perry, he said the book is about three-quarters done. So there is a lot of activity regarding the members of Aerosmith, both inside and outside of the band.