When Noisecreep first met Adler (Steven Adler, Lonny Paul, Johnny Martin and Jacob Bunton), we knew they were something special about the band. Adler, the former Guns N' Roses skins basher surrounded himself with the perfect mix of seasoned players and a fiery, youthful frontman that has resulted in a very modern rock band that still exhibits classic flashes of glam, metal, punk and more, all carried on the strength of riff-heavy grooves and seriously good songwriting.

Noisecreep actually witnessed their first ever live performance in our first meeting, a living room acoustic set that gave us all a taste of what was to come.

Monday night, Dec. 17 in Los Angeles, the band was finally unleashed to debut songs off their terrific debut album, Back From the Dead. In a tight, explosive set at the House of Blues, Adler demonstrated that works so well on record is even better onstage.

Charles Epting

The towering, rail-thin Bunton, the "kid" in the band, prowled the stage and seduced the crowd like he's been doing it for ages. Paul's gutsy leads soared and Martin was rock steady on bass, striking enough Ramone's-esque poses to make one feel like we we were all back at CBGB, circa 1976. Then there was Adler himself, who still exudes tons of charisma from behind his drums, all boyish smiles and steady pounding.

The band heads to Japan this spring with Duff McKagan's band, Loaded. Let's hope we get some more shows over here before they set sail. Congratulations, Adler, on a stellar and powerful first hometown gig.

Charles Epting

Here's some interview and live footage video Noisecreep shot at the show - we didn't expect Steven in the interview - yet he makes a surprise appearance.

Watch Noisecreep's Chat with Adler + Live Footage