Yesterday, the metal community was abuzz over a possible reunion of Louisiana sludge pioneers Acid Bath. Even more intriguing, however, was that shortly after posting a message asking for vocalists to send in demo tapes, Acid Bath drummer Jimmy Kyle publicly reached out to Corey Taylor with a vague message. In response to media coverage, Acid Bath have released a statement regarding the band's future.

Acid Bath have been broken up since 1997 after releasing two highly acclaimed studio albums, with guitarist Sammy Duet going on to form Goatwhore.

After Jimmy Kyle reached out to Corey Taylor while publicly searching for a new Acid Bath vocalist, the metal world exploded in discussion. But earlier today (June 6), Sammy Duet released a statement clarifying the status of Acid Bath:

In response to the post by 'Acidbath The Bayou Kid' on June 3rd, 2014, I'd like to clarify a few things: [Drummer] Jimmy Kyle created that post without prior discussion with [guitarist] Mike Sanchez or myself [guitarist, Sammy Duet]. ACID BATH is not looking for a vocalist. There is no ACID BATH without [late bassist] Audie Pitre, so there will never be 'new' ACID BATH material.

Currently, most of the surviving members of ACID BATH -- Jimmy, Mike, and myself -- have been considering the possibility of doing some shows in the future, as an ACID BATH tribute band, but nothing has been set in stone, and it is still just an idea. Unfortunately, [vocalist] Dax Riggs declines to be a part of such a tribute. We respect Dax and his decision. 

If we decide to put together an ACID BATH tribute band, the vocalist will be carefully chosen, but it is way too early to discuss choosing a vocalist at this time. 

I'd like to thank the loyal, diehard ACID BATH fans for their years of support, not just while ACID BATH was together, but for supporting us in all of our individual music projects." -- Sammy Duet

Although Duet claims that Acid Bath will never truly unite or create new music, the revelation of a potential Acid Bath tribute is interesting for many reasons. Firstly, Dax Riggs, who is seen as irreplaceable by some, has no interest in an Acid Bath tribute. Secondly, the concept of an Acid Bath tribute tour makes a lot more sense when putting Corey Taylor in the equation. Taylor is constantly busy working with Slipknot and Stone Sour, so the thought of a third full-time band seems overwhelming. However, could Taylor carve up a bit of time to hit the road with a resurrected Acid Bath? We'll keep you updated as news continues to break.

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