"Not to toot my own horn too loudly, but we outdid ourselves and we worked harder than we ever have in our entire lives, more than any other bands we've ever been in. We tried to make it special and make it something that you want to listen to from beginning to end," Abscess drummer/vocalist Chris Reifer told Noiecreep about the band's new, dirty death-punk album, 'The Dawn of Inhumanity,' out March 9.

So just how did the goremongers of Abscess achieve such a lofty goal on the album, which features guest vocals from the Darkthrone duo? "We didn't want it to be an album where you put one song on your iPod and forget about it," Reifert, who shoulders 50 percent of the band's vocal duties, said. "We keep the spirit of the album as an entity alive and maintain a vibe from beginning to end. We had a cohesive picture for when you hit play or press the needle, whichever you work with. We wanted a vibe from beginning to end."

That's a hard thing to achieve in today's 'chew it up and spit it out' digital culture, but that didn't deter Abscess. "We went with the feeling of rebelling against disposable music, a concept that is popular right now," Reifert explained. "It's great that a lot of people are into music, but I don't know how much attention people devote to one thing. You can have a million songs on your iPod, but do you know anything about any of them?"

It's a strange set up for a band to have a drummer who sings, and it's a rarity in metal and rock, save for a band like Deceased. And, well, Abscess. "I am a weird man by nature, so know that right off the bat," Reifert laughed.

For 'Dawn of Inhumanity,' the cover art was designed by Dennis Dread, with the booklet art offered up by Reifert himself. Additionally, the album is the final release on Tyrant Syndicate Productions, which is Darkthrone's imprint of Peaceville. Looks like TSP is going out on top.

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