There are countless heavy metal resources on the Internet, but there are only a small handful that sail out from a mothership with a mainstream audience. The Onion definitely qualifies as one of the latter, so when we at NoiseCreep caught on to the affiliated A.V. Club's monthly metal column -- cleverly titled Metal Box -- we put it at the top of our RSS readers.

Columnist Leonard Pierce comments on the A.V. Club letting its hair down: "The other 353 days of the year, we still pretend to care about what Conor Oberst is up to, but for that one day a month, we let the site look and smell like an old patch-covered denim jacket." This month, Pierce piles on the wit and snark about 'The Official Heavy Metal Book Of Lists,' as well as the latest releases from Living Colour, Converge and Dethklok.

You can usually expect to find Metal Box published around the middle of each month, and while it skims the surface of what went down in the prior thirty days on Planet Metal, you can expect it to be concise and entertaining.

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