A Storm of Light

Two of the most iconic female members of the counterculture, No Wave pioneer and poet Lydia Lunch and Swans vocalist Jarboe, guest on the electrifying new A Storm of Light album 'Forgive Us Our Trespasses,' making an otherwise excellent album even more awe-inspiring. "We're slowly introducing more female vocals to the band," frontman Josh Graham tells Noisecreep. "I just thought having the two of them on there would be amazing."

Getting Jarboe to help out was easy since the haunting vocalist recruited Graham to contribute to her last record 2008's 'Mahakali.' "I've actually been friends with her since the stuff she did with Neurosis," says Graham, who does video work for the band. "We felt we should definitely have her on the record, and she was happy to do it."

Lunch was more of a long shot. Graham procured her email through a friend, then sent her a blind request to pitch in. "I emailed her out of the blue, and she emailed me back within an hour and said she was definitely interested," he says. "I gave her some of the reference material that I was working with, and she wrote her own adaptation of it, and within a week, we had stuff from her that she just recorded on her computer. She lives in Barcelona, so she just sent us all this stuff and it came out really cool."

In addition to Lunch and Jarboe, 'Forgive Us Our Trespasses" features appearances by Unsane drummer Vinny Signorelli, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum violinist Carla Kihlstedt, Giraffes vocalist Aaron Lazar and several others.

"The guests bring a lot to the album," Graham says. "Instead of having just the band, you really get more flavors that make the music more interesting."

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