Back in July, 36 Crazyfists unveiled plans for their upcoming album, Lanterns. It's sure to be a crazy record from the guys, and today they're adding onto the fun by releasing a new song, "Better to Burn." Lanterns comes out this Sept. 29 via Spinefarm Records.

"Better to Burn" shows just how well 36 Crazyfists can weave together a variety of different types of rock music into one, succinct track. Within the first 30 seconds of the song, the listener is treated to a high octane thrill of a track, shifting gears from a striking punk drum beat into a moshier part. The catchy chugs of the song mix in well with the faster paced moments, resulting in a song that shows why the band has remained a fixture in hard rock over the years.

We premiered one of the band's songs, "Death Eater," earlier last month. It featured the same kind of sonic gut punch they bring on "Better to Burn," exemplifying the band's power. On "Death Eater," singer Brock Lindow told us “It’s a reflection of self and the dwellings of rock bottom, discovering the tools to dig yourself out, and refusing to let yourself free fall into the abyss of hopelessness. Love, forgive, and never give in. In fact, Lanterns really is about the fight within us all — that within us that forever refuses to sink.”

The band will be pummeling crowds starting tonight Aug. 18 in San Jose, Calif. The group has just over a month’s worth of dates scheduled, wrapping the run on Sept. 21 in Dallas. See all their scheduled stops here. You can pre-order Lanterns from the group's merch page, or digitally.

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