Reaction videos have become one of the biggest genres on YouTube, with reaction videos to metal getting a huge amount of views across the platform. Whether funny or cringeworthy, these reactions are entertaining nonetheless.

When hip-hop fans react to metal, it’s a surefire formula for great video. No Life Shaq is over a million subscribers’ go-to reactor for heavy metal. The dude even began considering himself a metalhead, wearing a killer ‘80s wig while watching rock and metal vids. The No Life Shaq clip we included features Judas Priest’s “Painkiller,” which Shaq only got through two seconds of before freaking over the drums.

In our recent black metal fails video, we featured a group of Catholic youths reacting to black metal. Naturally, we had to include them here too, listening to Immortal and nearly peeing themselves. One of the reactors thought it was called black metal because the video for “All Shall Fall” was shot in black and white, while another claimed to be an expert in the genre.

One of these clips is from Loudwire’s own video vault, from when we invited kid band Murp to our studio. Aaralyn checked out some fellow female guttural vocalists, freaking when she got her first eye and earful of Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult.

Check out these 10 Hilarious YouTuber Reactions to Metal in the Loud List above.

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