Wrath and Rapture

Today has been a long time coming for North Carolina-based Wrath and Rapture. It's been almost four years since the band formed, and today Noiscreep exclusively presents the song 'The Dirge of Fallen Warriors.'

"We all like power metal and epic fantasy metal, so we wanted to bring that fantasy power element and wrap a little more death metal onto it and add some American metal into that whole genre ... and that's what we came up with," explains Wrath and Rapture rhythm guitarist Kenan Livermont of the process behind creating 'The Dirge of Fallen Warriors.'

Listen to 'Dirge of Fallen Warriors'

No one band member created 'The Dirge of Fallen Warriors.' Instead, it was a joint effort between all members, with each guy adding their own unique touches.

"It was a joint effort by all of us. I write all the lyrics and I'm kind of a huge Tolkien nerd, and I'm really into the 'Lord of the Rings' books -- ever since I was a little kid," admits Livermont. "I think we definitely have a sound that is unique to us. 'Dirge of Fallen Warriors' is probably more power metal than the others. Some of the other songs are a little more death metal with some breakdowns. For the most part, they all go together. You'll be able to tell you're listening to Wrath and Rapture."

Look for Wrath and Rapture's self-titled debut next month via Tragic Hero Records.