Wrath and rapture

Wrath and Rapture, who released a self-titled EP on Tragic Hero earlier this year, just wrapped up another tour. So we polled the boys on their favorite things to do while on the road. Twinkie Bombs? Skateboarding? Firecrackers? Water balloons? It's all in a tour's work for Wrath and Rapture.

Most bands cop to bringing their laptops and submerging themselves into online activities while far, far from home, WAR, on the other hand, don't even bring a single laptop on the road, instead choosing to be one with God's green earth. So we asked them what they do to kill time that doesn't involve a handheld device or smart phone or wi-fi connection. Guitarist Kenan Livermont responded accordingly!

"Gettin' on goodies."

"Blasting obnoxiously loud music. There's always something new and brutal on someone's iPod."

"Skateboarding! A few of the guys bring their boards along so we are always on the lookout for skate spots, preferably free."

"Tour games and pranks. Firecrackers, water balloons, sandwich punching, and of course, the infamous WAR Twinkie Bomb are all part of our hazing arsenal." Twinkie bombs? We don't want to know.

"Bon Fires. We've just spent like a week off in Connecticut and have some friends up here who know where some big fields are so it's cool that we've been able to get out and rage under the stars...responsibly of course."

The band has also spends a lot of time exploring the cities they perform in. "We went bar hopping in Philly -- those of us that are of age -- and were checking out public parks and stuff take up a lot of our time. We actually don't bring a single computer with us so outdoor activities are the way to go," Livermont said.