Tool are known for their complex, cerebral, yet highly aggressive approach to rock. So it should come as no surprise that drummer Danny Carey has found yet another outlet for his creativity while the band is between records. Volto!, a jam fusion act featuring Carey, bassist Lance Morrison (Alanis Morissette, Don Henley) and guitarist John Ziegler (Bubbatron), are extending their U.S. tour through August.

The origins of Volto! transpired ten years ago, when the members started playing cover tunes at an off-the-beaten-path jazz club in California's sprawling San Fernando Valley. What began as jazz improvisations grew to rock covers and then unique riffs on arrangements by Weather Report, Jeff Beck, and Tony Williams. Volto!'s energy from their live shows will soon be translated to their debut album 'Incitare,' which comes out July 23. To receive a free MP3 download of their single 'Grip It,' check out the band's official site.

After a couple of performances in Los Angeles, the group hit the road next month in support of their album. One of their stops is in Camden, N.J., where they guys will join YES at the YEStival on August 3 at the Susquehanna Bank Center. Their trek ends Aug. 10 with a performance at Chicago's Lincoln Hall.

Tool fans can also expect other ties within the Volto! experience, as the band's producer Joe Baressi took part in the Volto! recording sessions, which also featured collaboration with Tool guitarist Adam Jones.

Volto! 2013 Tour Dates

7/23 -- Silverlake, Calif. -- Cha Cha Lounge (Album Release Party)
7/27 -- Studio City, Calif. -- The Baked Potato
8/3 -- Camden, N.J. --  Susquehanna Bank Center
8/4 -- New York, N.Y. -- Highline Ballroom
8/5 -- Boston, Mass. -- Sinclair
8/6 -- Buffalo, N.Y. -- Waiting Room
8/7 -- Detroit, Mich.-- Magic Bag
8/8 -- Cleveland, Ohio -- Grog Shop
8/9 -- Indianapolis, Ind. -- Celuxe @ Old National Centre
8/10 -- Chicago, Ill. -- Lincoln Hall