Tool drummer Danny Carey has certainly generated plenty of interest for his new project Volto! and the musician and his cohorts are now unleashing their first music video. The clip, for the track 'Tocino,' definitely messes with the brain a bit.

In the new promo, Carey and his bandmates offer up a more technical instrumental piece of music while the clip centers on a man clearly losing his mind. The central character is tormented by a series of dreams to the point that he's unsure of what's reality and what's a nightmare. He seeks out a fortune teller, a minister and even a bartender to try to come to terms with his issues, before finally letting the powers that be have a crack at his brain.

Carey recently spoke with Loudwire about Volto! and some of the freedoms the project provides him outside of Tool. Speaking about the music, he explained, "It’s pretty much a lot more free of a space to operate in compared to Tool, which is very structured. Most of the parts are really gone over and over and over again with Tool. It’s a very composed situation. We spend weeks if not months working on all those songs. There’s not much room for improvisation. The bulk of the [Volto!] songs are pretty much a jazz format where you play the head and after that, anything goes. You go through the same chord changes and stuff but you make it up as you go along once the head is done."

The drummer says he's enjoyed having the secondary outlet as it's allowed him to pursue some of the music he grew up playing. "Yeah, I grew up playing lots of jazz music in school. I played in the big band, and played my way through college playing a lot of jazz music; so a lot of that stuff, it’s kind of hard to make it apply," says Carey. "Tony Williams, Billy Cobham and Lenny White; some of those guys were big influences on me. Now I’m able to utilize the hard work I’ve put into that area a little more than I was before with Tool. Tool came from my prog-rock influences like Bill Bruford and Phil Collins."

Volto!'s debut disc, 'Incitare,' which features the song 'Tocino,' will arrive on July 23. Pre-orders are currently being taken at this location. For more of Loudwire's interview with Danny Carey about Volto, click the button below.