TombsBrooklyn, N.Y.'s Tombs recently returned home from a month-long tour of Europe alongside labelmates Buried Inside. Mike Hill, who handles vocal and guitar duties in the trio, kept an extensive journal while his band was on the road, in which he detailed the highs and lows of being in a working, touring band.

"The shows have been small and promoters have to be losing money on this tour," wrote Hill. "Someone thought it was a good idea to put two bands that shouldn't be headlining out on a European tour together ... because I am also responsible for the tour management side of this operation, I had to listen to the promoter tell me how he's losing money on all of our shows in Spain."

It wasn't all bad news, though. "The singer from the opening band [at the Athens, Greece show] brought me a bag containing most of the records that I played on in my lifetime and asked me to sign them. I was blown away by that to the point that I sat in the backstage room and just kind of tripped out for a while. It was powerful; knowing that all of the time and sacrifice that went into playing on those records and working in those bands actually meant something to someone."