To come up with their special sonic brew, Texas Hippie Coalition blend elements of outlaw country, Southern rock and the kind of groove-kissed guitar riffs that fans of Black Label Society and Pantera salivate over.

This past summer, Texas Hippie Coalition released Peacemaker, their third studio album. Since then, the band has been living out of their suitcases and they'll be back out for another tour run in November.

In honor of Halloween today, Noisecreep has partnered with THC to bring you a free MP3 download of "Sundown Devil," a previously unreleased track from the group.

Listen to 'Sundown Devil'

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Texas Hippie Coalition vocalist Big Dad Ritch gives Noisecreep some background on "Sundown Devil":

"Hippie Halloween! Growing up as a young monster, Halloween was always my favorite holiday. All the kids were dressing up like superheroes except me. I was a werewolf and the kids would say 'Thor's hammer will smash you Wolfy' or 'Spiderman will web you Wolf boy.' So, I wanted to create a monster that could stick Thor's hammer up his ass, and leave Spiderman hanging upside down webless and crying. That's when I came up with my very own super hero cowboy from hell -- the Sundown Devil.

"Just as trick or treating is a blast, so was this song. It was so much fun to write..had a blast putting it together. Hopefully one day I can get Rob Zombie to turn it into a movie. Do you fear the Sundown Devil! 'Run from me baby, hide from me baby, like in the scary movies scream for me baby! 'Scream for me! I am the Sundown Devil!'"

Texas Hippie Coalition's new album, Peacemaker, is out now via Carved Records. Pick up your copy on iTunes or Amazon!

Tour dates:

11/07/12 BUSTERS Lexington, KY
11/08/12 THE TOKEN Detroit, MI
11/15/12 SCOUT BAR Houston, TX with Drowning Pool
11/16/12 THE STATION Broussard, LA with Drowning Pool
11/18/12 JUANITAS Little Rock, AR
11/19/12 12TH & PORTER Nashville, TN
11/24/12 CAIN'S BALLROOM Tulsa, OK (Cancer Sucks Benefit)
11/30/12 TREES Dallas, TX with Drowning Pool
12/01/12 BACKSTAGE LIVE San Antonio, TX with Drowning Pool
12/07/12 AVANTI'S NUTCRACKER 12 (Expo Gardens) Peoria, IL
12/14/12 THE PALACE Casper, WI
12/19/12 BEAUMONT Kansas City, MO
12/21/12 FILLMORE Denver, CO