There's nothing like sitting down with a cold beer and a big plate of BBQ. Now, we know BBQ enthusiasts go on about the Texas vs. St. Louis thing like Van Halen fans argue about David Lee Roth vs. Sammy Hagar, but it's all good in our book.

Noisecreep recently heard that Texas Hippie Coalition singer Big Dad Ritch actually has his own line of sauces called Red River Red, which you can buy directly from him at this link. Since he's such an authority on the subject, Noisecreep asked him for a list of his 5 favorite Texas BBQ joints.

Check out Big Dad Ritch's BBQ recommendations below and good luck not getting your mouth to water!

PO Sam's

"That was the name of this old BBQ joint, that was down by the Red River, on Red River road actually. As a child, my grandpa had to visit this place at least once, sometimes twice a week. The great thing about this place was their BBQ gravy, that's what I said gravy. So good you could drink it. A good buddy of mine since grade school, Bryan Means, bought the old building and turned it into a bar. Sometimes after striper or catfishin' on the Red, I'll stop in there and have a cold one. We've torn that place up tryin' to find that old BBQ Gravy recipe... no luck yet. Notice how I forgot to mention it was on the Oklahoma side of the Red River."

The Rib

"Just outside the city limits of my hometown Denison, Texas, on Highway 69, yes 69, there's this wierd looking red brick building, with a less than straight, actually crooked as hell, sign that reads The Rib. This place sports an in-ground pit that is 50 plus years old. The meat falls right off the bone and that 50-year-old smoke flavor from the pit is memories trapped in a bite. Absolutely delish. They also have this triple x, XXX hot BBQ sauce that will light you up. I know what your thinkin 69, XXX, but if ya ever stop in there you mind your manners. This is a family-run restaurant that cooks with love and loves their patrons."

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Randy's Bar-B-Que

"The next place is just a lil ol jobsite trailer out on spur 503, called Randy's Bar-B-Que. Ol Randy does a turkey and a brisket for the holidays. BDR Christmas BBQ, sounds badass. Randy's rub is the best, so good I don't even use sauce on it. I stop by Randy's every time I'm in town, even if I'm not having BBQ. He has these things called stuffed armadillo eggs and I buy them by the dozens. They are actually homemade stuffed jalapenos, stuffed with beef and dipped in some fluffy batter, dropped in peanut oil. Damn they're good, damn good. Armadillo eggs... only in Texas."


"But my favorite place to enjoy BBQ is in my own backyard. Something about standing over a grill that makes you feel so primal, not necessarily caveman but definitely man. And who doesn't love doin a little smokin on the grill...THC style... High heat! Flame on! Turn it up!"

Texas Hippie Coalition's new album, Peacemaker, is out now via Carved Records. Pick up your copy on iTunes or Amazon!

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