There's no doubt about it -- 'Lulu' is one of the most polarizing albums of recent years, with the Metallica and Lou Reed collaboration yielding some vitriolic critical response while others just hopped on the bandwagon with their critical assessment. Kirk Hammett recently stood behind the disc in an interview with Verge, calling it "some of the best stuff we've done." This Readers Poll asks whether or not you're in agreement with Hammett's assessment.

Hammett was asked if fan reaction played a significant role in Metallica's creative direction, to which he affirmed it was not. He went on to address 'Lulu,' stating, "We're doing it for ourselves. 'Lulu' is a really good example. I think that 'Lulu' is some of the best stuff we've done. I mean the song 'Junior Dad' moves me to tears, and working with Lou Reed was such a cool, unique and special thing for us."

The guitarist did add, "Maybe it's not for everyone. Maybe it's a challenge for our fans, but for us -- Lars, James, Rob and myself -- we loved doing it and it was such a great experience. We look back at it very positively."

What do you think? Granted there was a lot of piling on once the negative reviews began, but given some separation and time, do you agree with Hammett's assessment that 'Lulu' is some of the "best stuff we've done" or do you think the negative reaction was fair. Vote in our Readers Poll below: