It probably played out like a scene in one of those supernatural B-horror movies that flooded the market in the wake of films like "The Grudge." The dudes in Poison the Well were practicing their live set at Ray's Downtown Blues, an old closed down venue in West Palm, Florida, when guitarist Brad Clifford felt someone tap him on the shoulder. "I turned around and there was no on there," he tells Noisecreep. "I'm not really into the whole ghost thing, but I can't explain what happened."

Clifford wasn't the only one with a close encounter of the supernatural kind. While they were writing material for their new album 'The Tropic Rot,' lights flickered mysteriously, drummer Chris A. Hornbrook felt something suddenly tighten around his waist and bassist Bradley Grace captured what might actually be physical evidence of the haunting. "He took a picture of the liquor closet with his cell phone one night and caught what looks like an apparition."

When the musicians spoke of their experiences, the locals smiled knowingly. One of Poison the Well's friends told them the block the club is on is one of the oldest in the city, and that there have been many reports of similar experiences. "The place is over 100 years old, which is super-old by Floridian standards," Primrack says. "It reads like a bad 'Poltergeist' script, but it didn't feel like anything evil was going on. And I guess they didn't hate our music or they would have given us a lot more shit."