Twenty-one seconds. That's all you will get of Philip H. Anselmo roaring through a 2000-released Pantera song as he rehearses for his upcoming 'Technicians of Distortion' tour, backed by his band the Illegals. It's his first solo sojourn and he is supporting the just-issued 'Walk Through Exits Only.'

In this super short but ultimately satisfying clip, Anselmo is a battering ram, as he practices 'Death Rattle' from 'Reinventing the Steel,' which would go on to become Pantera's final studio album.

Even though the calendar just turned on 45 for Anselmo, the man can still shake the rafters with that roar. He still hits it with a new level of confidence ... and power.

Anselmo's tour launches on July 31 in Oklahoma and runs through August. He has issued a series of videos, like this one and this one, demanding fans learn the songs because they are easy and because he has history with these markets. You don't want to let a metal legend down, so go see him.

Watching this footage prompted us to wonder what Pantera song you would like to see Philip Anselmo perform while on his solo tour. We're all about 'Mouth for War.' What song would you request or scream from the crowd, 'Freebird'-style? Let us know in the comments section below.